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See Our Portfolio for More Information


See Our Portfolio for More Information


Caberdancer Testimonials


"Thanks Becky, Ron and Tom and all at Caberdancer, for the superb banners and flags you created for us, It greatly helped make our tent at the Clan Gathering 2009 in Edinburgh look superb and the Personal Banners in the parade up the Royal Mile were stunning."

John A. Duncan of Sketraw, Laird of Sketraw
Chairman, Clan Duncan Society

PS. Cant beleive the delivery service, Personal hand delivery from Carolina to Edinburgh..Impressive!! (smile)

"Many thanks Becky, Ron and Tom at Caberdancer for your excellent service, professionalism, and quality work on my banner and pennon. I paraded then at The Gathering 2009 parade up the Royal mile with pride; I look forward to having more flags made by Caberdancer. It was nice to meet Ron at The Gathering 2009."

David J McGeachie
The McGeachie Society
"Caberdancer have made my Standard, Parade Banner, Personal Banner and now my Pipe Banner. All of which have been outstanding in both quality and service. Caberdancer are a delight to deal with and always seem to go that 'extra mile'. I would not consider going anywhere else for any of my heraldic needs...Thank you Caberdancer !!"

Mark Harden of Cowdenknowes
"Caberdancer has  outstanding sales and graphic departments.  They produce interesting and unusual designs for festivals and Scottish Games.  They use quality products in their t-shirts, hats, banners, pins and other products.  They have been an asset to the Charleston Scottish Games for over five years.  Tom has produced interesting designs for our Society Games pins, program covers and t-shirts.  I am proud to recommend their fine products and service."

James P Nettles, Jr

Past President -Scottish Society of Charleston
Former Games Chairman - Charleston Scottish Games & Highland Festival
"I am pleased to add to these Testimonials and to recommend consulting Caberdancer Graphic Design to supply flying heraldry. The artwork discussions and manufacture went smoothly, the delivery to Scotland arrived on time as promised, and the Standard was of the very high quality that I had anticipated."
Eur Ing David Ayre, Baron of Kilmarnock - The Lordship & Barony of Kilmarnock

"Caberdancer did a first-class job of expressing my arms in a carrying banner of the size I requested. Several appropriate refinements were made on the original artwork on my Letters Patent per my request. The final design was sent to me via email for approval prior to execution. As per my order, my banner was done in meticulous applique of nylon on nylon, which work, impressively, withstands the closest inspection.

As the pennon I have currently on order from Caberdancer, will be long and narrow, and I wanted it to fly well, it is to be printed on nylon. In numerous viewings at Scottish events of both appliqued and printed arms done by this firm, I should think that even Her Majesty would be pleased with their professional quality."

Brown McCallum Jr. Columbia, S.C.


"Caberdancer produced a number of merchandise items for The Gathering 2009 which was of fantastic quality and extremely popular before and during the event. The design work was excellent and we received very helpful advise as to the type of merchandise that would work well in this market. We would definitely use them again in the future’"

Lucy Rose Walker (Coordinator) - The Gathering 2009 Edinburgh


"Caberdancer is the official supplier of flying heraldry to the SSA, a distinction we granted to them two years ago. We did so because of the quality of their products and their attention to detail. Simply put, they know what to do and how to do it in a manner properly in accordance with Scots heraldic practice."

Colonel W. P. Boswell of Toberchurn, Chairman - Society of Scottish Armigers




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