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Riley Matthews, right now 18 years old, was in her senior year, but now, she was at her house with Maya, of course. They were in her bedroom and Maya said, "Hey Riles, have you ever been so sick for a long time? Is something wrong? I don't know what's going on. And I haven't started my monthly period yet for this month and it's almost the next month. I need to take a pregnancy test.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World - 3x16 - GM Her Monster: Riley & Topanga (Riley: Hi, honey, I’m home)

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So, this is a new fandom for me, but here I am This show has made me more confident in myself and stuff. Topanga smiled sadly at her family siting down in her shop.

They all looked at her anxiously. Riley held onto Maya, trying to hold in the tears rimming in her eyes. London is also a fantastic place with new places to explore. Our world here, though, is amazing. It's something I know you kids would never leave. But this is about me.

This is my choice. Riley felt like the wind was knocked out of her. She couldn't breathe. Maya was the one to cry first. She let out a loud wail that the Matthews had never heard come from her mouth before. Riley let her tears spill and she cried along with Maya.

The two held each other, sobbing into the other's shoulder. Cory set Auggie in his lap and put his arm around Topanga. He gave her a sad, encouraging smile, but Topanga replied with a face full of regret. After a few more moments of crying, Maya pulled away from Riley and stood up.

Clearly, she was upset. What about ME?! Who will I be with? Who will I talk to about my problems? Who will be here for me? Who will be there for Riley? A good reason, maybe. It may seem horrible at first WHY is this best for you? Is it about the money?

Riley will be separated from the best friends she's ever known! And she can never replace us! Maya began crying again. I'll be lost and lonely. We'll be separated for real, with thousands of miles of distance between us. You two have had so many adventures. But don't you think it's fair that Riley starts having new ones?

Maya climbed in though the bay window to find Riley packing. Her room was full of packed boxes. Most of the decorations from the bay window were packed away.

The sight made Maya's heart stop. It had been a few weeks since Topanga's decision and she told her boss she would move as soon as possible. Most of their house was full with boxes. They only had about a week left of packing before they were finished. Then they could move onto goodbyes Riley turned around from her latest box she was packing and grinned widely.

She and Riley sat down together with their knees touching. Riley took Maya's hand and breathed deeply. Maya squeezed her hand and let Riley rest her head on her shoulder. What if no one likes me? Or worse! What if I'll start talking in a British accent? Maya chuckled. But you'd sound good with one. Go ahead, try to speak in a British accent.

That's the most important thing for you to pack. It's what makes you YOU. And if nobody likes you for who you are, well then they don't know what they're missing. They say in silence, having their moment. Everything was quiet. The street, the apartment, the buildings across from theirs. It was as if time just stopped for the two of them.

Riley felt a tear trickle down her face. She didn't bother to wipe it. She didn't bother to wipe the ones that fell after that. Soon she was crying a little harder, but still silently.

Maya squeezed her hand. Maya felt tears roll down her own face and she ran her fingers through Riley's hair, soothing her. We promised each other we'd always be friends and stay together. Isn't that right? It'll only make things harder if we try holding on as hard as we can. Because you and I both know life won't make it or let it be easy.

Riley hugged her best friend tightly, not ready to let her go. It was a Friday evening and the Matthews were having a "Goodbye Party. Most of their belongings were shipped over to London earlier in the week.

It affects all of us. How are we going to cope without you? Smackle stood up and walked over to Riley who was standing before her friends that were on her bed and opened up her arms. Riley fell right into the hug.

She held onto Smackle for a while, but eventually pulled away. Willa I ever see you become a veterinarian? Lucas looked down at his hands before looking up to meet Riley's eyes. But what I do know is that this won't be the last we see of each other.

The others got up and squeezed in beside her. We'll probably come and visit you in the summer or you could come visit us. When we all read college, you might apply for a college here in New York. You might enter the same one Maya might. You're the best friends anyone could ever dream of having," Riley said. I really going to miss having that Riley around. The whole group got into a group hug and then sat there on the bay window, quietly. Josh Matthews smiled as he watched this little scene.

It was sad, but sweet to see Auggie and Ava say their goodbye. After Riley said goodbye to other friends and relatives like her grandparents, Shawn and Katy, her uncle Eric, and others, she made her way back to her friends who were sitting on the living room bay window. Josh was sitting on the couch, still watching Auggie and Ava from a distance, when Riley and Maya walked up.

Riley and Josh pulled away from their hug and smiled at each other. Riley looked over and saw her dad and Shawn in deep conversation in a coroner. It made Riley sad to think that Cory and Shawn were being separated for real after all of these years. Lucas took Riley's hand and led her out of the apartment. They walked down the hall, still hand in hand, and up to the roof. Lucas escorted Riley into the bench on the roof and sat beside her.

Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated! Also, I wrote this fic quite a while ago. If anything is inconsistent with what has now happened in GMW which a lot of it is , just think about this fic starting somewhere in early to mid-season 2. Maya walked into the Matthews' apartment one Sunday morning looking distraught.

Everyone watched as the world seemed to go into slow motion, the short blonde being thrown across the vehicle and landing in a heap on the floor, falling unconscious as her head hit the back window. As the class, Riley included, watched Maya being carried out of the flames, Zay and Farkle noticed her jacket had caught alight down her sleeve. Quickly they ran to Lucas, the small girl in his arms, taking off their coats and smothering the flames.

So, this is a new fandom for me, but here I am This show has made me more confident in myself and stuff. Topanga smiled sadly at her family siting down in her shop. They all looked at her anxiously. Riley held onto Maya, trying to hold in the tears rimming in her eyes.

People claim that there is a bond between individuals. As though you could feel when someone you love is disappearing, or feel when they're gone. It's something you'd want to just know. You don't want a phone call in the middle of the night, a stranger, or even a family member to tell you that you'll never see your best friend ever again. However, these are the realistic ways of learning of someone passing. There is no bond, there is no warning, you go to bed one night and you think you know you'll see them tomorrow — and the next day you'll never see them again. Topanga Matthews grumbled as she made her way to the phone. She was in the middle of an imperative file that was almost crucial to her winning that case she was working on, while Cory was grading papers which always seemed to trump whatever work Topanga was doing. She didn't mind, her husband was educating the future rulers of America… or in Farkle's case, the world.

Topanga was a pretty young mother but that never stopped her from loving her daughter as much as she could. Even though it would be easier on them both if her husband Cory took their daughter Riley to daycare in the morning Topanga insisted that she be the one to do it. She just loved the time in the morning she could spend alone with Riley. When she reached the top button she pecked Riley on the nose. Topanga shut over her eyes and felt Riley softly peck her nose.

Or well, a Maya and the Matthews 's moments story. It is another songfic, inspired by the song Those Nights by Skillet.

Topanga was currently in the process of changing Harper's dipper. Topanga sighed as she put Harper back into her crib. Today was the day she'd finally be going back to work.

Maya and Lucas were sitting by the window currently discussing the love triangle. Lucas felt slightly relieved yet uncomfortable that they were talking about this. Thst meant that this whole love triangle businesses could be over. But that also meant he would end up breaking one of their hearts.

If I did, the age gap would be addressed because Maya is actually just under two years younger than Josh. The moment Maya hart walked through her front door, Amy Mathews knew that her son stood absolutely no chance. The young girl came into their lives like a hurricane, quite literally. She was all pig tails and rosy cheeks when she, Topanga and Riley rushed into the Mathews' home trying to escape the harsh winds of Philadelphia's autumn. One look at her bright smile and Josh was mesmerized, most people probably would have wrote of the young boy's reaction as intrigue about the stranger that had just walked through the door, but Amy knew better. Amy knew her sons and she knew that look, how could she not?

Ok guys. I know the last chapter was a little extreme. Maybe some of you didn't expect things to go down that fast but it did. Now I'm not sure what you guys want so you tell me. Do you guys want Joshaya or Faya. Please review which couple you want because I don't know which to do so I tried to put a little bit of both in this chapter. Anyways here's the chapter its longer and hopefully it has more emotions that you guys wanted.

Nov 11, - Maya held out her arms and Riley fell into her embrace. They sobbed tears of joy and of sadness. Cory and Topanga were there now too. Maya.

Riley saw the forest spinning. She felt herself fall deep into the forest, calling after Maya. Yet Maya would not come.

I heard it again a few weeks ago and could not help but think about how this is such a Joshaya song. Anyways, happy reading! We're getting late," ten-year-old Joshua Matthews bounces on his feet, excitement coursing through him as he waits for his older brother and niece to come down. He only sees Cory, Riley, Topanga and now Auggie, every few months when they come to visit him in Philadelphia or when he goes to New York with his parents.

Maya slowly walked out of the room followed by Colin. Little did any of them know that while they were talking he was busy making a few phone calls as well. Topanga and Riley followed Colin and Maya out of the bedroom and down the hallway.

Hey y'all!

Author's note: Hi friends. So I had been determined to not do another story just like my previous. I kept telling myself to do the same plot twice. But the more I thought about it the more I wanted to write this story because I wanted to show that even though everyone is different.

Topanga stood outside her daughter's bedroom, the door was opened just a crack and the only reason she knew Riley was in their alone was because of the sad music playing. She never let it play while Maya was sitting with her. No these days they just sat in silence, each day just waiting for the spark that would set off the epic war that was brewing between them over Lucas Friar. She sighed, wishing there was something she could do to make Riley feel better, to get her out of this funk she seemed to be in, but it was like everything she said or did just got her pushed away further. The music stopped, and Topanga braced herself for a reason to be in the hallway when she heard her daughter's voice. I know you're mad at me, you're mad at yourself, you're mad at Maya who else are you mad at? I'm mad at you for revealing everything on New Year's, and I'm mad at Maya because she had these feelings and didn't think she could talk to me, and now we can't talk.

I thought it fit really well…As always don't forget to let me know what you think. There she was, there was Riley! She was running toward Maya as she was wheeled to the ambulance.

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