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How can a man get rid of love handles

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Your love handles are composed of subcutaneous fat, which sits just beneath the skin. Studies have shown that interval-based exercise programs, most specifically high intensity interval training HIIT , are more effective for burning off your love handles than steady state cardio. Instead of running for miles on end without any clear goal, fine tune your work and rest periods to strip away the fat. So what type of interval program should you use? You can use a jump rope , or apply the principles to running or weight room work.


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17 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Love Handles

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All products are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission. We spoke to fitness powerhouses Rob Edmond and Ross Edgley about burning your love handles away. We spoke to fitness powerhouses Rob Edmond and Ross Edgley about losing weight and getting fit quickly:.

They're the biggest muscle group in your body and they use the most amount of energy. You need to do five sets of squats a day, increasing your weights daily. For man boobs you have to do loads of press ups.

Try it for a month and see if you have man boobs then. The deadlift is arguably the oldest exercise known to man. It's also the most effective for training the lower back and lowering body fat. For those not familiar with this strength and conditioning "staple" it really is quite simple.

You pick a barbell off the floor and put it back down for a pre-agreed number of sets and repetitions. All with the correct form. How to deadlift, says Ross Edgley. Straighten your back, take a breath and pull. The key is finding the right weight, sets and repetitions to use and battle gravity with. Why is this important? Boosting testosterone has been shown to help with everything from more muscle mass to greater fat loss. Two physical adaptations that will obviously help re-design your lower regions.

This second tip is basically a gym-based optical illusion. That's because to make your lower back look smaller and more defined it makes sense to increase the size of the top portion. To do this you must fully engage - and train - the latissimus dorsi muscle. For those that didn't show up to that biology lesson, the latissimus dorsi is the large muscle on your back that you use during most pulling movements.

Gym-dwellers often refer to them as your "lats" and studies show should you improve its strength and shape you can instantly improve the appearance of your entire physique too. Which is why understanding hand placement during the tried and tested pull-up is crucially important. Scientists wanted to measure which grip activated the back muscles the most: an underhand grip supinated or an overhand grip pronated.

Using electromyography to measure muscle activity they found a, "Pronated grip overhand is recommended for maximally activating the latissimus dorsi back ". Scientists still don't know exactly why we hold fat in different areas of our bodies.

It's this kind of biological ambiguity that continues to baffle biologists. But what we do know - thanks to the. British Medical Journal - is where we hold the fat has serious health implications.

With waist, back and hip fat being linked to everything from heart disease to premature death. Therefore for health reasons alone make sure your gym routine has at least some emphasis on fat loss if you're carrying a little extra timber around those areas. There are hundreds of practical training protocols to use, but one of the easiest and most effective is H. T High Intensity Interval Training using a rowing machine as your weapon of choice.

To do this simply jump on the seat. Strap your feet in. You then repeat this for a total of 10 to 20 minutes. All because the International Journal of Obesity found the intense, short nature of interval training to be a better alternative to burning fat than spending hours slowly and steadily wishing your way leaner on the treadmill.

This article does a great job of detailing eating for fat loss , but essentially, understand that certain dietary evils could be causing you to store fat in all the wrong places. One of the worst culprits being high-fructose corn syrup which accounts for as much as 40 per cent of caloric sweeteners used in the United States and has since expanded over the pond to plague us too.

According to research from the Journal of Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behaviour high-fructose corn syrup is, "Accompanied by an increase in adipose fat, notably in the abdominal region. The below program will work so much more efficiently when you do. Exercise 1: HIIT. Exercise 2: deadlift. Exercise 3: pull ups overhand grip.

Exercise 4: single-arm bent over dumbbell rows. I mean stuff like fat, not chocolate and sweets as that will bring you up and down. I'm talking pasta: brown pasta and rice. Balance it. And you should do exercise. Start using your legs, squats, deadlifts, big movements in the gym, because you actually release natural growth hormones which promotes testosterone that promotes muscle.

Sumo wrestlers are the best for putting on weight because they eat consistently all the time. A trick is also to set your alarm for 3am and have a protein shake. Keep it on the side of your bed, wake up, drink it, then go back to sleep. And then do multiple ones. And then you have a big rest. It's all about intensity using a maximum amount of energy in a short space of time, then having a big rest and then doing it again and again and again. Sugar is the worst thing to have consistently because that just goes on as fat.

On the other hand, fat can actually be quite good for you. I actually pour fat onto my food, like olive oil. It's always better to eat a burger and chips than a bar of chocolate. Carbs are the best to eat when you're training as it recuperates the muscles, as are protein shakes. If you really want to change your body then you have to train a lot. Most people look at personal trainers and think "they look in great shape I want to look like them.

You can do training sessions that aren't necessarily five or six hours — they can be twenty minutes or something, but they have to be really intense. If you want that person to be as thin and as strong as possible, I would throw in some big man-training, gym-based possibly, twice a week, so big heavy movements, squats, deadlifts and presses above the head.

You should also do one hill-sprint session a week. Find a nice hill. A simple one would be moving your arms around in circular movements, rather than stretching your arms out. You should dynamic stretch for a good five minutes, even if you're running.

However, for weights, you do dynamics and then your set. You take it easy because that forms another part of your warm up. British GQ.

Edition Britain Chevron. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. GQ Recommends. By Teo van den Broeke 13 May

How to Lose Your Love Handles

All products are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission. We spoke to fitness powerhouses Rob Edmond and Ross Edgley about burning your love handles away.

Love handles are another name for the excess fat that sits at the sides of the waist and hangs over the top of pants. Also known as a muffin top, this fat can be a challenge to lose. Many people try to target this specific area with endless side crunches and other abdominal moves that target the obliques, muscles that run down the sides of the torso.

These fatty deposits usually develop over years, from a diet too high in calories and a lifestyle that doesn't include enough exercise. Unfortunately there isn't one specific exercise to get rid of love handles. Making changes to these areas can help you get rid of love handles. Starchy vegetables like potatoes and peas do, as their name suggests, contain starch.

How to lose your love handles in three days

The ring of fat around your waist may affectionately be referred to as "love handles," but you don't love it. Love handles show you're carrying a little too much extra fat. They keep you from looking your best in clothes and discourage you from taking off your shirt at the beach. All the side bends and crunches you can do aren't going to make those handles go away, though. To lose love handles once and for all, revise your eating plan so you're eating quality foods and fewer calories. Also, perform focused exercise that includes total-body strength training to build muscle and high-intensity intervals to turn on your fat-burning capabilities. It may take time to shed this excess abdominal fat, so take steps today to get started. Love handles are most likely subcutaneous fat, which lies just under the skin and has a characteristic pinchable-ness.

How to Lose Love Handles Fast for Men

But while shifting your lifestyle and altering your fitness regimen are essential for overhauling your physique, nothing is more vital to eliminating fat on your back and sides than nutrition. Healthy complex carbs , such as sweet potatoes, black rice, and oats, keep your metabolism stimulated and give your body long-lasting energy, Lowe says. When your body feels deprived of this energy, it goes into starvation mode and burning fat becomes a last priority. Research shows the fake stuff can increase carb cravings, stimulate appetite, and increase fat storage, so ween yourself off. Focus on healthy fats.



How to Get Rid of Love Handles




Mar 10, - "Love handles" is a common name for the accumulation of fat around the oblique area (or the sides of your abdomen) of your stomach and your.








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