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How to get thai girlfriend to uk

This information is based on my personal experience and in no way guarantees that your Thai partner will be granted a visa to visit the UK. This is not true. Such services charge you a large amount of money for a process that was designed for you to complete by yourself. It is not difficult if you simply follow the instructions.

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The difficulty or ease of getting a travel visa for a Thai lady to enter your country varies greatly from country to country. I have not yet had the time to address the issue in regard to any countries other than my own, the U. If you're legally married in Thailand, i. However, just going thru the Buddhist ceremony isn't the same thing. You can take lots of photos, which can help your chances in getting another kind of travel visa, but it's not the same as a registered marriage.

The process is for your Thai girlfriend to get a Thai passport, then for you and her to apply at your embassy or consulate in Bangkok for a travel visa to your country.

The first thing you should do is inquire with your consulate for a list of required documentation. Just because they have given you a list of documentation to bring together doesn't mean that if you follow all the procedural steps then you will get a visa.

Further, you want to give it your best shot the first time, and not submit an application to see if it's rejected before you go to great efforts. Your girlfriend does not want to get a rejection noted in her passport. If there's no corresponding visa stamp essentially an approval , then a subsequent officer will probably take note and read between the lines -- a rejection. This is standard procedure. In fact, they'll often put the "visa applied for" stamp into the passport as they're handing it back to you after telling you that you've been rejected.

The reason for these problems is obvious. People from less developed countries want to immigrate to rich countries so that they can work there and make more money. If international travel were free, then the rich countries would soon be overrun by people from less developed countries. The domestic governments would be overwhelmed in dealing with people working and staying there illegally.

To some extent, they already are. In fact, countless people from less developed countries get entangled in mafia circles whereby they work in overseas sweatshops or brothels, or meet a worse fate.

Some kinds of Thais have little or no problem getting visas. One example is wealthy businesspeople who are obviously going for business or a short vacation. Another example is students who wish to study at a foreign university and who have good grades, speak the foreign language very well, and are from well to do families.

Highly educated people who have a high tech skill in short supply relative to demand in another country can often get a visa and work permit. The latter is an unfortunate phenomenon called "brain drain", where the most valuable people leave their own country. If your girlfriend has a 6th grade Thai government school education, no business of her own, and no assets besides a little farmland in the middle of nowhere with a buffalo, then her chances are often slim.

Bar girls are routinely rejected. Finally, I would strongly advise people on two things: Don't marry a lady just to get a travel visa. A marriage in Thailand is recognized in the U. I would not be surprised to find that it's the same in other countries. If the relationship doesn't work out, it may not be easy to arrange a legal divorce, plus all the paperwork proof you'll have to bring with you, including the translation issue, since the marriage documents in Thailand are in the Thai language.

Take your time to make sure she's really the one you want to marry. If you think that you can get a "fiancee visa" see below , then consider that. Don't get into human trafficking. The underworld often pays farang guys money to marry a Thai lady sham marriage and take her to another country. I won't address the moral issues here, which are obvious.

Just look at the realities. If you get caught, you can get into serious trouble, especially in your home country or as regards Thailand. Thailand's immigration is computerized, so that they can see your history and all associated notes.

With international cooperation on these issues, even if you change passports e. If the lady you "courier" gets harmed or in major trouble, you may be an accessory to that crime. In many cases, neither the man nor the woman has much of an idea where she will really be going, and there are a lot of tricks out there, including forced sweatshop labor, prostitution, porno flicks, "snuff flicks" e. It is common for a poor lady to believe a trusted associate and take a chance with wishful thinking only to find that she's been tricked on the other end less pay, or the job isn't a restaurant but is prostitution, she's imprisoned until she "earns" the mountain of money she owes for being brought over, she's raped and told if she goes to the police she'll go to jail, she's blackmailed about revealing her shame back home, etc.

You probably don't know what will really happen. Maybe she will be better off with a real job, but maybe it will be a terrible tragedy.

They'll usually try to convince you that it's nothing bad, of course. Or, they may not really know But YOU are documented on paper as her sponsor.

This concludes the general discussion of travel visas. Below, I cover what I know of particular kinds of visas, based on what others have reported. However, your best source of information is your embassy or consulate in Bangkok.

Fiancee K-1 visa A client of mine, who is trying to get his girlfriend to the U. It is filed at the regional office of the INS that has jurisdiction over the state you live in. If you have previously been married you have to send a certified copy of your divorce decree with the petition.

The processing time ranges from weeks. If approved, the INS will send you a I approval form and forward your petition to the embassy in the country your finance lives. The petition is valid for 4 months, ie, she must get the K-1 within this timeframe. Some consular officers will extend the time if given a good enough reason. My packet I sent to the Texas Center was 47 pages long.

It included proof we had met in person.. The primary focus of the petition is to prove support and that there is a valid relationship. Most petitions are approved, but some are not. Sometimes the INS will ask for more information. This delays the process by weeks. Once the embassy receives the petition, they send the finance packet 3.

This includes a biographical sheet, the actual visa application, instructions for the medical exam [name withheld]'s was at Bumungard and cost almost Baht , instructions for birth certificates must be certified , divorce decrees. When all the info has been gathered, she sends back a checklist of things completed and the bio sketch. She retains all the other info and takes that to the interview.

After the embassy receives the checklist they will send her a letter in a few weeks telling her the interview date. That is usually weeks later. The interview can be a bitch!! If she admits having working there, she is denied. They may lie and tell her untruths to get her to admit she "worked. They are tough!!

If they so graciously give her the visa, it costs 45 bucks and she can pick it up that afternoon. She then has 6 months to leave the country.

Once she arrives in the US, she has 90 days to marry. If this does not happen, she must return to Thailand. Her chances of ever getting back to the states [would be low if she doesn't marry within that 90 days].

If she does marry, they file for an adjustment of status, authorization to work, and advanced parole. That allows her to leave the country US for vacation, return to Thailand, etc. The whole process through the Bangkok Embassy takes months. If she is denied, the consular officer's decision is not appealable. I would like to solicit others' experiences and inputs from all countries.

Passport Visas for Thai Girlfriends The difficulty or ease of getting a travel visa for a Thai lady to enter your country varies greatly from country to country.

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UK Visitor Visa

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By thatland paul , March 17, in Visas and migration to other countries. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app.

Every Thai girlfriend will need a visa to be able to visit England. Without a valid visa in her passport it is likely that she will not even be able to board the plane that is flying to England. Any person from Thailand arriving at any British port, either by Air or sea, without a valid visa will be held by immigration and then returned back to Thailand without ever stepping into England. Every Thai girlfriend will need a valid visa to enter England.

Passport Visas for Thai Girlfriends

Legal updates, insights, and opinions on laws and law suits in Thailand written by our lawyers. Visa is required for most foreign nationalities to travel and stay in Thailand for more than 30 days. Solemnized with or without a Betrothal Ceremony in ritual manner and also through court. Consult our corporate lawyers before setting up your limited company in Thailand. Siam Legal has a team of foreign legal professionals from America, Europe and Asia who are committed to extend impeccable service to its foreign clientele. There are a number of considerations to make before committing into purchasing Thailand Real Estate. Be sure to consult our property lawyers before doing so. The visitor visa is the most popular single route for individuals coming to the UK for tourism, visiting family as well as business visits. Entry clearance is necessary for Thai nationals for travel to the UK.

Marriage Visitor visa

Bringing your Thai girlfriend to the UK for a holiday to meet your family and friends is without a doubt a romantic prospect. However, even before imagining your excited girlfriend stepping into the plane bound for Birmingham, you need to be aware of the immigration hurdle which you and her need to overcome to successfully obtain a visitor visa to the UK. Good information is your key to obtaining a UK visitor visa for your Thai girlfriend with flying colors. Among the most important considerations which you need to keep in mind when applying a UK visitor visa for your Thai girlfriend are the circumstances of your girlfriend in Thailand and your relationship with each other. Your girlfriend will have a better chance obtaining the visa if she has a decent and stable job in Thailand.

Im thinking of treating my thai girlfriend to a holiday in england.. It's very unbureaucratic, only takes about 2 days, and costs about baht for a 32 page passport and for a 64 page document.

The difficulty or ease of getting a travel visa for a Thai lady to enter your country varies greatly from country to country. I have not yet had the time to address the issue in regard to any countries other than my own, the U. If you're legally married in Thailand, i.

Study Visa For my Thai Girlfriend. - United Kingdom Forum

Stranded in Thailand without funds, he worked as a labourer on construction sites a Bt50 daily wage after his Thai girlfriend took away his documents and his ATM cards and abandoned him. Police said the man met a Thai woman during his vacation and was invited to stay at her home in Lop Buri. She then stole all of his documents and ATM cards, leaving him without money and having to work as labourer for a living while saving money to return to his home country. Surachet said the man told police that he worked as a postman in the UK before travelling to Thailand after retiring.

Hello my name is Joe ,and I am writing this question on behalf of my Future wife who is thai. My Fiance is wanting to study at my university for the course of 3 years the length of the course. In that time she will be here living at mine, she can speak very good English and this will be her first time flying out of Thailand. Could I Have any advise on how she can apply for a study visa the best way as possible? This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one.

How Can I Take My Thai Girlfriend to England

Uk visitors visa. If you live in Thailand or you are a frequent visitor, the chances are that you will have a Thai girlfriend. It is therefore natural that you will want to take your partner back to the UK. Here at Thai Visa Express, we specialize in making this happen and as the only company in Thailand to have an OISC accreditation in the UK we are confident that we can give you the best advice. Initially, you will receive a minute free consultation where we will discuss you and your partners own situation.

How to get a UK Visa. Last updated: 16th Jul You have to fill in your application online at visa4uk. Your girlfriend can also keep up with what she must do.

You have to fill in your application online at visa4uk. Your girlfriend can also keep up with what she must do by going to homeoffice. You must apply online and at the end it will allow you to book an appointment - go to VFS Global to book an appointment. Or easier still, tell your girlfriend to call them and make an appointment. Write a reference sheet outlining where the evidence to support your statements can be found because if you want your visa processed quickly then make it easy for the VSO to find answers quickly.

How to Get a UK Visitor Visa for Your Thai Partner [in 7 Steps]

You sure can bring your Thai girlfriend to the UK if you just follow a few simple steps and requirements to getting a tourist or visitor visa. We at Thai Visa World Travel can help you with that process. Yes you can sponsor your girlfriend to come to the UK, in fact it is the most reliable way to apply for her tourist visa. To sponsor your Thai girlfriend to come to the UK you will need to write a well written invitation letter of intent, also showing evidence of your relationship together, bank statements and other required documents.

How to get my Thai girlfriend a visa to England

Established in , Migration Expert is a private immigration company with a team of highly experienced migration consultants for Canada, the UK and Australia clients from across the globe wishing to apply for a UK visa. Migration Expert provides fee-based services in addition to the official government charges to advise, assist and represent our clients through the often-complex visa application process. All decisions for granting of a visa remain with the UK Government subject to lodging a valid application using the free forms available on the Government website and meeting the relevant criteria.

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