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How to help your boyfriend with severe depression

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When you're in a relationship, whatever your partner deals with, you deal with. And vice versa. So if your partner is depressed , it's imperative that you know how to handle it in a healthy, helpful, and supportive way — for the sake of each partner's mental health. Watching your partner go through something difficult like depression can be tough on you both of you. You might not know what to do or say.

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Depression in Men

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Depression builds walls around people and between people. When someone you love has been dragged inside those walls, there can be a distance between you both that feels relentless. Not in the way you both want to be anyway. The symptoms of depression exist on a spectrum. Not everyone who has depression will have a formal diagnosis, so knowing what to watch out for can help to make sense of the changes you might notice.

Depression looks like a withdrawal. It feels that way too. Depression sucks the life out of life. When depression bites, everything becomes hard.

Life starts to hurt. Those who are bitten stop looking forward to things. They stop engaging and they stop enjoying things, even the things they used to love. If people with depression could be happy, they would be. If they knew how to be any other way, they would be. The helplessness of loving someone with depression can be frustrating, exhausting and lonely. Depression steals people. Be kind to yourself and do something that replenishes you. Let them know that you love that version of them too — the one that has nothing to say, or plenty to say but no will to say it.

They have to be. The pain and hopelessness of depression is immense and to keep existing day after day under the weight of that takes an almighty fight, fuelled by almighty strength and courage.

You know the ones. Depression hurts, but it makes sense. For someone who is being caned by depression, there is no positive. If there was a way to do that, they would have done it themselves by now. This will probably explode your own feelings of helplessness, but reworking things towards a positive angle will ease your helplessness, not theirs. So is the pain and the confusion of that. Talk about it with them for sure, but try to persuade the conversation in a different direction after a while if you can.

Common ground will shrink the distance between you. What I will do is be here for you for as long as it takes. Depression can be different for everyone.

At a time when people need connection the most, depression forces distance. Do everything you can not to let it. Connection and positive feelings strengthen the brain against depression, and exercise can cause the same changes in the brain as antidepressants. The problem is that the very nature of depression will hold people back from doing any of these.

Depression is there to nurture withdrawal, remember. It does this by stealing motivation, and creating exhaustion. Be tender, gentle and loving and reintroduce them to life, connection, and positive feelings.

Thoughts, feelings and behaviours are intimately connected. Out of the three, thoughts and feelings are the toughest to change. Initiate walks, dinners, holidays — anything that has the potential to create positive feelings. Take their hand and lead them there gently. There is nothing abnormal about the symptoms of depression. What makes these very human experiences lead to a diagnosis of depression is a question of degree.

People with depression experience the same we all experience, but at a different intensity, duration, or cluster of symptoms. Depression rarely takes hold of just one person. There is always a way through depression but it takes an almighty fight. My boyfriend of 7 months has recently been stepping back from the world. We met on a mutual interest server and we clicked almost immediately. When I finally managed to get a phone call to him, I was so relieved and upset at the same time, I broke down into tears.

Thank you. A person in my girlfriends university class committed suicide at the 4 month mark in our relationship. She said she did not know him and I believe her. Following that she was out in a home with others until she was mentally healthy again years before we started dating. She became very distant and her personality changed the moment she told me it happened. Slowly she started pushing me further away. I was still getting I love yous from her every night until she eventually saw a psychiatrist who told her we should take a break and I should give her space.

She was putting in effort in our long distance relationship very hard while this was happening but she finally collapsed. When we started dating it was incredible. I need your guys help. Anything helps I really appreciate whoever answers and takes the time to provide info. My gf is struggling from high functioning depression and she has been dealing with it before I came along.

I noticed the repetitive behavior every 2 weeks she would get mad at me and start a fight. So after me breaking down and crying she realized that she was hurting me and decided to get help. I decided to speak in it and the whole conversation went left.

It really hurts me to see her this way because in the beginning things were so good and all of a sudden her depression has completely took control. Please help. I love to hear some advice. My boyfriend of 1 year has been having bouts of depression over the last 6 months. It happens almost every 2 months and lasts for usually 3 weeks.

Another bout started yesterday and this time it seems to be particularly bad. I feel so helpless. I myself battle with anxiety and his episodes and behaviour flare up my over worrying tendencies too.

I love him so much but I feel so rejected by him and angry. Jane, I dont know if this reply is too late, but as someone who has been the depressed one in a relationship and who was with someone who is depressed, I truly believe he only pushes you away BECAUSE he cares about you. Take a step back when it hurts the most. To All, not sure if this has already been mentioned — but another great resource I have found is the Depression Fallout book by Anne Sheffield and accompanying message board.

Really awesome community of people who are going through the same thing with a depressed loved one. I broke up with my boyfriend while depressed because of constant fighting and negative comments.

Breaking up with him cause my mild- moderate depression to turn into deep depression. Horrible crying fits, total feelings of hopelessness and dark thoughts.

After 19 days apart, I blocked him from everything and had rare communications with him over these days, he now will not forgive me for breaking it off with him. I feel so lost and broken. Angelika You are not broken, just hurting. You both are. It sounds like you two do care for one another but maybe take this time to talk to someone so you can start helping yourself feel better. You have to care about yourself first and the stronger you get the clearer everything else will become.

It always does. It will take time and one day at a time but it will get better. Please believe this. Therapy has helped me so much and its worth getting yourself better to become happier again. The only thing you can do is tell him you love him and support him.

If he went through a traumatic experience talking to someone could def help but he has to be willing to. Depression pushes people away. It sucks. You could also try talking to someone as well. Wish you the best of luck. It will be a tough road just do what you can for as long as you can and reread the above article as much as you need to.

It helped me when i was getting frustrated at times. Just remember its ultimately up to him to choose his path no matter how much you guide him.

5 Signs That Depression Is Eroding Your Relationship

As men, we like to think of ourselves as strong and in control of our emotions. When we feel hopeless or overwhelmed by despair we often deny it or try to cover it up. But depression is a common problem that affects many of us at some point in our lives, not a sign of emotional weakness or a failing of masculinity.

I have seen how it can take the joy, energy, and sense of purpose out of everyday life. I also know how hard it can be to support someone who is living with depression. Depression may look different from person to person, but at its core the illness often causes people to feel lonely, inadequate, and misunderstood.

If you are in a relationship with someone who has depression, you are likely struggling with a mix of emotions and hosts of questions. What's it really like to feel depressed? What can you do to help them through hard times? How will their symptoms and treatment impact your relationship?

Supporting a partner with depression

Editor's Note: Every Monday, Lori Gottlieb answers questions from readers about their problems, big and small. Have a question? Email her at dear. My boyfriend and I are in our early 20s, and we recently moved in together after being in a long-distance relationship for four years. I can barely get a normal conversation. I feel so alone. He is trying to get help, but he refuses to go on any medications or stick with a plan to get better for very long. I am so scared that this is going to always be his life—a constant roller-coaster ride controlled by depression. I want so much more for him, and for us.

8 Tips for Dealing with a Depressed Spouse

It can be hard to be in a relationship with someone with depression. Also, depression can make someone more irritable, angry, or withdrawn. The symptoms of depression may lead to more arguments, frustration, or feelings of alienation. Although depression can be challenging, most people want to do what they can to help.

Many people find themselves supporting a partner with depression at some point in their lives.

Depression builds walls around people and between people. When someone you love has been dragged inside those walls, there can be a distance between you both that feels relentless. Not in the way you both want to be anyway. The symptoms of depression exist on a spectrum.

When Someone You Love Has Depression

Being in a romantic relationship when one or both of you suffer from depression is a massive challenge. Depression can make your partner seem distant. None of that means your relationship is the problem.

Standing on the sidelines when a partner battles depression can feel like a helpless experience. You might feel confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed. You are not alone. Depression is an isolating illness that can negatively impact relationships and leave loved ones feeling helpless and afraid. The mood in major depression is often described as sad, hopeless, discouraged, or feeling down, but it can also include persistent anger.

How to cope when your partner has depression

Understanding how depression affects your partner can be key to building a healthy, supportive relationship that cares for the mental wellbeing of both partners. Depression can cause people to withdraw, behave differently or become more irritable. Common symptoms include insomnia, feelings of worthlessness and loss of interest in activities. It can even lead to physical aches and pains. Living with depression for a longer period of time can take a toll on your partner's levels of energy, motivation and passion. It's important not to take changes personally or as a reflection of your partner's investment in the relationship. Depression, like many mental health problems, can take over your life. They also have many other roles and interests.

Oct 9, - I also know how hard it can be to support someone who is living with depression. Depression may look different from person to person, but at its.

When your spouse has depression , you might be very worried, and feel utterly helpless. After all, depression is a stubborn, difficult illness. Your partner might seem detached or deeply sad.

Dear Therapist: My Boyfriend’s Depression Is Making Me Question Our Future Together

Karen S. She no longer enjoyed her favorite activities, preferring to spend weekends sleeping in and watching TV. Their sex life was nonexistent. If you experience five or more symptoms for at least two weeks, you could have clinical depression, also known as major depression.

Tips for Coping With Depression in a Relationship

When one spouse has depression, it can put a strain on a marriage. Living with a depressed partner who is often unhappy, critical and negative isn't easy, and at the same time, it may also be hard to persuade a husband or wife to get help. Jay Baer, a psychiatrist and director of ambulatory services in the department of psychiatry at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. Depression results from shifts in brain chemistry that influence mood, thoughts, sex drive, sleep, appetite and energy levels — all factors that could affect a marriage, as well as disrupt home and family life.

Prevention is better than cure. Get in early and challenge the person about their behaviour.




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