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Liferay get current friendly url

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This method is only used internally. An anchor URL will cause the user's browser to automatically jump down to the specified portlet after the page loads, avoiding the need to scroll. When a page is accessed while impersonating a user, it will appear exactly as it would to that user. In an encrypted URL, the value of every parameter will be encrypted using the company's key.

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Working with URLs in JavaScript

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Post a Comment. Search for:. Friday, June 13, In liferay generally we can create any Portlet URL and portlet URL consist of many request parameters and its values apart from those we will add some more request parameters so that finally URL seems to very long. When we request the URL in browser address bar it seems to very long and have many parameters.

Some time we might not need all parameters and its values and some of parameters always same, some parameters may be default and some parameters may be constants for every time. We consider all above in mind we can shorten the request URLs. Generally in the Portlet Request URL its look like always query string so we can also change the pattern of Portlet URLs from query string pattern to other pattern so that is very convent to remember and understand by others. Working with Liferay URLs.

Friendly URL Implementation. Configure URL routes in xml file. We will decide different pattern for the Portlet URLs and its parameters and values we will configure in the.

We have different xml tags in the DTD so should use predefined tags bases on our need. The following are the important tags. The routes element is the root of the deployment descriptor for a set of Liferay. Friendly URL mapper routes. The route element contains information on a single route. The pattern element specifies the pattern of the mapped friendly URL and this will apper in the address bar. The generated-parameter element specifies the pattern of a parameter that will be generated from other parameters when a URL is recognized.

When a URL is built, these virtual parameters will be parsed from the generated parameter and made available in the route pattern for constructing the URL. It have the name attribute specifies the name of the parameter to be ignored. The ignored-parameter element specifies a parameter that should be ignored and not included in generated URLs. Ignored parameters do not effect URL recognition. The implicit-parameter element specifies a parameter that is not present in the route pattern.

When any parameter has static values then we can make it as implicit-parameter. The overridden-parameter element specifies a parameter that should be set to a certain value when a URL is recognized. This override value will be set regardless of any preexisting value, including one from a implicit-parameter or one extracted from the URL.

Most of Tags description was took form liferay DTD file. When we configure Friendly URL tags we need follow the order otherwise its show syntax error. Order as follows. We need one java implementation class to generate friendly URLs based on routes. We have liferay implemented class i. Apart from this we can also implement our own implementation class so that it should generate URLs as for our requirement.

Configure the Friendly URL information in liferay-portlet. Configure Friendly URL Configuration java class, routes configuration xml file and its main friendly mapper in liferay-portlet. When we navigate to each page we just need jsp page name in the URL.

The following is implementation. Step: 1. Configuration in liferay-portlet. Step: 2. Configure routes in configuration file and we need to defined pattern by using friendly URL xml tags.

The following is configuration in employee-management-friendly-url-routes. In the pattern tag we need specify the pattern how we want see the URL after generation in the browser address bar and we are using generated parameter for mvcPath so that each time mvcPath parameter value replaced in pattern path. We need to create this xml file in src directory. We need provide fully qualified package name in the configuration when we do in liferay-portlet.

Scenario: 2. Assume our URL pattern as follows. In the pattern tag we specified the actual pattern how we want see and we are using generated parameter for javax. We already know we are performing action and we need portlet action URL. Add Employee Page. Edit Employee Page. Search Employee Page. Scenario: 3. Assume we are deleting employee by Emplyee Id and the following is our pattern. Same we can think get employee by employeeId. When pass employee Id then particulate employee will be deleted same when we pass employee id then employee will be return these are based on action we used.

We will use regular expression for each parameter so that it will consider the value with given regular expression. Example employee should be digit. Insatiable Portlets. If the portlet is instanceable then we should always use instance id in the URL pattern when we configure routes otherwise it could not generate friendly URL.

Portlet liferay-portlet. Portlet Action Class. Liferay IDE 2. Deployment and its Working. Download portlet you can source or war file to deploy into liferay portal as your convenient. Once portlet successfully deployed drag the portlet in any desired page. Portlet is available in sample category name as Employee Liferay Mvc. Now access jsp pages and perform the action then observe all URL in the browser address so that you can see very shorten URLs.

Portlet Screens:. Default Page. Reference Links. Meera Prince. Liferay Top Contributor Award Winne r. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Liferay AUI Validator. Environment: Liferay 6. Liferay Spring Portlet.

Download Lifer Liferay Search Container. Introduction: Liferay have very build in UI components and we can simply use those UI components when we develop portlets. About Me Meera Prince View my complete profile. Powered by Blogger. Total Pageviews. Subscribe To Posts Atom.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I want to get a friendly URL for a layout based on layout id.

Despite this excellent work, the URLs are still not entirely friendly. Look at the URL you now get when you click on a Guestbook entry:.

Post a Comment. Search for:. Friday, June 13, In liferay generally we can create any Portlet URL and portlet URL consist of many request parameters and its values apart from those we will add some more request parameters so that finally URL seems to very long.

Removing the Primary Key from Portlet URLs


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Jan 28, - How to get the current URL in a custom Liferay freemarker theme. Another one of those seemingly simple things which can be hard to find.








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