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The troggs with a girl like you discogs

Check back each week for an assortment of irreverent, film-related chat, as well as interviews with Hollywood's best and brightest. The CD comes attached to the rear of a year greeting card for safe keeping shown. Add to Custom List. Very similar to the era of the s, thirty years earlier, the 80s was a post-war decade marked by prosperity. The history of the UK singles chart is, for me, one of the most interesting things basically ever. British police arrest for celebrating the summer solstice at Stonehenge; U.

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1989 dance hits uk

After quitting school in , Redding traveled around Great Britain and Germany as a guitarist for several unknown bands. During the next four years he had the opportunity to back-up singers like Johnny Halliday, Englebert Humperdinck, and Tom Jones. About life with the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Noel stresses,..

Twenty-one years later, Noel Redding continues to be amazed by the undiminished interest in Jimi Hendrix wherever he goes. His memoirs of those days, which were derived from his personal diaries by a companion, the late Carol Appleby, are tentatively titled Are You Experienced?

We're playing "Can You See Me" really hard because we're playing with a good band. We've done "Hey Joe" once I think, but people expect to hear that. I find it slightly boring. What does it bring back for you? Went to a photograph session. Went recording and then playing in Manchester.

We worked and didn't sleep for three years. It's not a blur, because I kept a diary. I've got a good recollection compared to the other member of the Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell. We signed our contract on the 11th and played our first gig on the 13th in Evereux, France, opening for Johnny Halliday. It was like a four song promotional set. Do you recall anything about the sessions at Kingsway Studio? It could have been Kingsway, but recall that we did it about 38 times.

You had the Breakaway Singers and reportedly they only accompanied you on two live appearances to sing backup on "Hey Joe. Go" December 16, and I think we mimed it. In those days you'd sort of go to the TV studio during the day, put down your backing track, and come back in like two or three hours.

I'd say it was probably recorded and then we mimed to a backing track. Maybe Henpecked Redding's name for Hendrix then sang the song live, which is what they did in those days. We only did them in the studio. I remember recording a certain one called "EXP," when we were recording at Olympic, where myself and Henpecked actually put the guitars on the ground and started kicking them, and they recorded itl And we got this amazing feedback. I put a bass on it and they put it backwards, but I think we were all going backwards, as well laughs.

It was like, 'Get this done and go play darts! It was a big Gibson. Then I got a Fender Jazz bass, which I used forever. I used it on a gig before it was used in the studio. Obviously, a few things were sort of made up in the studio. But then also, in his hotel he's scribbling away as well.

And he'd keep a bundle of papers, which were basic lyric ideas. There are a couple of times in my diary where it says, "Went to Jimi's room and wrote a song. I think some of those sessions were recorded, but they've all just sort of disappeared. Maybe at the beginning he wanted to do it all himself, but I think he realized later, like on demos when Hendrix played bass and I played guitar, that it doesn't help to write alone.

I personally find it much better to work with somebody else, because you can bounce ideas, and if someone writes a lyric, you can go over it and write music and than go back to the other person and arrange the situation. Its just two chords, A and F, and we just did it Chandler probably recorded it and that was it.

And then they did this backwards bass thing. That was done by Hendrix engineer Eddie Kramer, I'd say. We basically just learned the songs in the studio, and that was it. Do you recall anything about that song? There's a lot of songs like that "Midnight" was my song, you know.

It is not the some song that appeared on Cry of Love. As I said, "Remember" is my riff, and the ending of "Foxy Lady. He showed me the chords. It's in F. Once I learned the chord structure. I'd start putting together something which we would consider a ballad sort of song. It was one of these off-the-cuff songs. We just sort of said. And Jimi started picking up the riff. But lots of times he showed me some riffs, like on "Little Miss Lover.

I asked him to show it to me on the guitar, because I always learned most of the stuff on the guitar or the bass guitar. There was a guitar there, and I think it was Chandler who said, "Do it. It was awful. Jimi used a Stratocaster, and it probably took a couple of takes. I can't remember if Jimi sang while we played, but I remember putting two guitar tracks down and then hearing it back and noticing that we didn't notice there was no bass on it It was so full that one thinks there's a bass on it.

And with Hendrix doing his lead stuff and I'm just keeping rhythm, it was a very bassy-type situation. I think that was done in the spring of ' I don't know why it was left off the American version of Are You Experienced?. But if you're a European band, all the record companies used to remix or swap stuff for the American market, which I could never understand at all.

I think we might have played it once, but then after we played it we probably ruined it and we all decided we wouldn't play it again. We never rehearsed. We didn't rehearse at all. They pulled the guy off, and he was trying to protect his guitar, and he put it back on the stage and it started feeding back, which is when I think the smashing started. It was laying there and feeding back, and the audience is going crazy, and then he finds that the neck was broken, so smash, crunch, kick!

I was going makes face , because I don't smash guitars, myself. Why the delay? But it was just publicity, as was the lighter fluid bit.

Do you remember using a wah-wah for the first time? Chas was producing and Gary Kelgren was the engineer. Aretha Franklin's backup singers. Sweet Inspiration, were on it, but I think they were put on afterwards. I liked that song, 'cause I liked the different chords in it and the bass lines.

I think the first thing which he'd got interested in was a wah-wah pedal, which in those days was called a Crybaby pedal. But this was in London, before Monterey. I used to go and hang out in all the guitar shops on Charring Cross Road when I had nothing else to do. And this one guy found that I was playing with the Experience and he actually said, "We got this new thing. Then he started getting into effects and that sort of stuff, and that's when Roger Mayer turned up with these things already made.

But there again, Jimi ended up just using basically a fuzz box and a wah-wah. Note: In a taped interview, Jimi confirms that he was recording with the wah-wah pedal before he knew anything about Eric Clapton's dabblings with it.

Bold as Love. Didn't Hendrix get into a taxi in London one day with the master and lose it? It's called the Storyville Club, and I used to play there previous to the Experience. So we went in there and there was some band playing, and we jumped up to have a play and Hendrix says, "You play guitar and l'll play bass.

I can't remember what we did, but it was just a jam. I also played rhythm guitar on "Red House" at a gig in Paris Janu-ary 28, and everybody thinks it's Hendrix playing. But he's playing the lead guitar and I'm playing the rhythm guitar and doing the bass lines. It was Keith Richards' guitar, a gold-top Les Paul. So that's me and my guitar a bit on full-bass.

That's two guitars and no bass, though it sounds like there's bass on there. We were rather loud in those days. On the end of it, when we all go into three separate time signatures, that's basically an idea of mine, because we didn't know what to do at that one point in the song.

So I started doing this sings-bass line and Mitchell did this other rhythm and Hendrix was playing something utterly different. And then at the end, because we didn't know when to come back in, I went boom-boom, boom-boom, at which part we all started doing that and all to the end. I think. It was a Hagstrorn. I was asleep in a hotel and someone said, "Go downstairs, someone's got a bass for you.

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After quitting school in , Redding traveled around Great Britain and Germany as a guitarist for several unknown bands. During the next four years he had the opportunity to back-up singers like Johnny Halliday, Englebert Humperdinck, and Tom Jones. About life with the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Noel stresses,..

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The Troggs

Enter your keywords. Alter ego game soundtrack. Haunted Mind 5. The music in this game composed by Richard Armadijo under the alias of Kulor was designed specifically for this port. I've not tried installing the other two games, as the item was described by the manufacturer as a 4-pack if two of four games do not function or function well, the item misses as a whole. Today, I take inspiration about the romance between the player and Es. Never in a recent video game have we been introduced to this western early 20th century world.

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The Troggs originally called the Troglodytes [3] [4] are an English garage rock band formed in Andover, Hampshire in May They had a number of hits in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Post albums that you want or ones you are selling or trading. LA Woman VG (original cover design) / VG (plays solid) (60's, Prog, Jazz, Punk, Rap, etc)(Zappa & Mothers of Invention, MC5, Troggs, Pink Floyd, Eazy E, etc).

I want to spend my life with a girl like you Ba, ba, ba And do all the things that you want me to Ba, ba, ba I want to spend my life with a girl like you And do all the things that you want me to Till that time has come That we might live as one Can I dance with you I tell by the way you dress that you're so refined And by the way you talk that you're just my kind Girl why should it be That you don't notice me Can I dance with you How to Make a Girl Become Obsessed with You. Last updated on The song reached number one in the UK Singles Chart on 4 August , where it remained for two weeks.







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