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What do you look for in a man yahoo answers

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Well im almost I look for personality as a main thing in guys. You need to be able to have something to chat about or something in common. Next as you need some attraction to them Looks are not everything but you need some attraction. Then id say must be funny, daring and playful with a sence of fun and outgoing!

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Every girl has a diff preference. Some like good boys and some like bad boys. But me, personally I love a guy who has a good head over his shoulders. A guy who's smart and has everything going for him. I LOVE a guy whos tall and plays sports.

I honestly dont give a crap about looks to be honest. To me looks arent everything. But yea, I dont have high standards. A guy who treats me and everyone else with respect and a guy whos educated and athletic is all I look for :.

Depends on the girl, it really does. That's about it. I can't see myself lasting with someone who didn't possess those qualities. His sense of humour is so paramount. I'd get sick of being with someone who I'd have to put on a fake laugh with. Loyalty, not claiming himself a ''cheeky chappy'' who cavorts about with other women when he's out, using the excuse ''boys will be boys. Someone who can have a laugh but be serious too and not frightened of talking emotions!

Less importantly initially but very important in the long run, someone who's got passion in the boudoir! Sexual desire is important to me, I want to desire and feel desired. This doesn't mean you need perfect technique and to get everything 'right', just means getting really intimate and in-tune in the luuurve nest! Oh and someone with life prospects and a passion for something healthy. Essentially, someone who I can relate to and who can relate to me. This means we all look for something different.

In terms of looks, gotta be taller than me! Body hair yes please. I like longish hair but not unkemp and glasses!! Ma maaan has bright green eyes and I can't imagine liking anything but, now. I like alternative-looking guys, definitely not the boring mass mediated ones on telly. Colourful clothes, not a load of brand names. Piercings can go down well as long as they're not overboard.

Don't care about muscles and I'd rather a guy was overweight than skinny. Get real, they rarely look Ppl don't get to choose most times, when ppl fall in love, they do so almost instantly and for no reason they know of, "we pick and choose who we marry, NOT who we fall in love with" pheromones do that for us.

So look all you want, but the choice isn't yours, it just happens. Humans don't control that emotion, can't turn it on and off like a tap.

High school relationships were not meant to last and don't, if girls had that control relationships wouldn't run their course and peter out, girls and guys wouldn't come here with broken hearts crying the blues The most important ting is that you really like them and aren't just going out on a whim or dare or something. Girls don't like it when guys call them names. It doesn't make you look cool. Because it is just mean. It depends on every girl. Well for me, I look for some guys who know how to respect girl the way she is, who'll not judge me from the way I act, who'll not look after my physical attributes but my character and who will stay with me when I'm alone.

I look for someone who has a sense of humour can make me laugh , is intelligent, is honest and loyal. Also, someone who is going to accept me for who I am. There has to be an attraction too, but that does go away with age.

Ultimately, someone who is beautiful inside and out. It depends on who because every girl is different. Just because one girl likes athletes, it doesn't mean every girl does too. For me, I like guys who have a sense of humor, is funny, good at sports, smartish, cute, etc. He doesn't have to be the smartest guy, he doesn't have to have a six pack, he doesn't have to be chiselled and rugged looking, he doesn't have to be musical genius.

He just has to be the one who makes me smile when I wake up, because I know I get to hold him in my arms. Sorry if that was corny I was just wondering what girls look for in a guy? Answer Save. Lies make baby Jesus cry. Jenny Emory Lv 5. For me though, my "type" is usually this This means we all look for something different In terms of looks, gotta be taller than me! What do you think of the answers?

You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Source s : I am a girl and decided to use my awesomeneessness of my brain. Because it is awesomenessness. Tracy Ann. Janeen Lv 4. Someone who encourages me in every walk of life Someone who respects and values me. Nathanael 6 years ago Report. Show more answers Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.

what are you looking for in a guy?

Men who are not afraid to be themselves hate it when a guy tries to take on a persona of what he thinks you want, the real you will show up eventually. Well mannered gentlemen I don't expect my guy to open my door on a trip to the market or vacation, but if we are out for the evening it's a lovely gesture. Sense of humor don't take everything too serious, they have the ability to laugh and have fun when it's appropriate and they have the ability to even laugh at themselves.

By the way, love is something you grow, and people need to realize the difference between being "in" love and loving someone for the long haul. It takes some work and the ability to compromise without compromising yourself. I also want a guy who doesn't continually compare me to his mother, ex, sister or any other female.

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What do Women look for in a Man?

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Yahoo answers dating older woman

There is no definite answer to your question, since every woman will want something different from her man. But it also depends on what kind of relationship you're looking for. Assuming you're wanting a long term relationship, I can only answer with what I personally have found that I prefer. I love a man that makes me feel like a woman. A man that's clearly in charge, yet doesn't oppress me.

We all know the stupid question.

Honesty, trust, open-minded, compassionate, sincere, the ability to admit when he's wrong, the pride to stand up for himself when he's right, the ability to manage finances, the ability to communicate about any and everything; there can't be any secrets , and above all he has got to have a. Intelligence - Intelligence comes in many different varieties, not just "booksmart," so this is an odd subject. I want a mate who is into politics and loves to debate, just like myself.

what do you look for in a guy?

Has a style, but makes it his own. As far as looks go, I find a lot of boys with different attributes attractive, I just generally go for guys with these features. There's no looks or preferences. If a guy has a nice personality that's all that matters, and should outweigh whatever else.

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Girls What do you look for in a guy?

Every girl has a diff preference. Some like good boys and some like bad boys. But me, personally I love a guy who has a good head over his shoulders. A guy who's smart and has everything going for him. I LOVE a guy whos tall and plays sports.

Dec 16, - I LOVE a guy whos tall and plays sports. I honestly dont give a crap about looks to be honest. To me looks arent everything. But yea, I dont have  Why can't you find a nice guy these days?

Look for? It's not really about looks, although I do like tall guys. The most important thing is that he has a good sense of humor, can carry on an intelligent conversation, is interested the activities I like, is a good listener and a good lover.

what qualities do you look for in a man or woman ?


What attributes do you look for in a man?






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